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Isis Generator

The ISIS GENERATOR is a companion piece to our Arkangel Osiris. It is approximately 8”x8” and stands approximately 6” tall with the djed placed  in the center. To balance out the energies, 4 Neter 360’s are permanently installed(one per side) in the base of the ISIS GENERATOR. You can also place the djed(tower) of our Arkangel Osiris in the central … Continue reading »

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All-in-One Vial

These copper/silver wound vials contain the energies of ALL ARKANGEL VIALS ALL ACCESSORIES ALL ENERGY PLATES ALL GENERATORS DIRECT CONNECTION TO GENESIS STAR CHAMBER/ATOMICHAIR These vials are unbelievable transformative. We are carrying a small stock of these items… Contact us regarding availability. WARNING: THIS IS AN EXTREME ENERGY TOOL. USE WITH CAUTION.  SHIFT WILL HAPPEN!   … Continue reading »

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