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Energy Boards


Dimensions: approx.3″x6″ Based on the Hindu Sri Yantra The SHREE is a handheld design matrix based on the divine Hindu Sri(pronounced shree) Yantra. Following is background material about the nature of Yantras and the Sri Yantra. YANTRA BACKGROUND A yantra, in the Indian tradition, is literally a “device” to be used for spiritual advancement. It … Continue reading »

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Merlyn Cosmo Board

The Merlyn Cosmo Board (MCB) is a very powerful energy tool for creating and manifesting by entering hertzian frequencies on the keypad. The keypad is the digital input for the MCB and is attached to two transducers which connect it to the board itself. The board’s design and layout significantly amplify the input from the … Continue reading »

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The ORACLE is a hybrid of our Stargate  2000 and Arkangel Osiris. This fusion of two technologies creates a synergistic effect. The sum total of the parts of Oracle are greater than its individual components. The ORACLE is an eight sided carved stone top attached to a high vibrational wooden base containing many intricate inner chambers for energy flow.. The … Continue reading »

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