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AURAMEND 1 & 2 Personal Aura Repair Kit $20 each •Relieves Stress, Fatigue & Anxiety,Trauma Effects •Builds Aura •Repairs Holes & Tears AURAMEND 1 & 2 are two different easy-to-use products for mending holes and tears in your aura.Aura HOLES and TEARS are attributed to TRAUMA, ranging from radiation exposure from chemical pollution, to accidents, … Continue reading »

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< Types T-1 $35.00 USDT-1X $35.00 USDT-3 $35.00 USDT-4 $35.00 USDT-5 $35.00 USDT-6 $35.00 USDAtlantis $45.00 USDInfinity $35.00 USDGray disruptor $35.00 USDTransmatrix 2920 $55.00 USD

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STARCARDS: What are they?

STARCARDS are a series of healing tools from the 24th & 26th centuries. They are the result of a collaboration with a very old friend of mine, Red Hawk. Each laminated “businesscard size” starcard is a unique blend of light codes and symbols to help release and heal long term / chronic conditions of the … Continue reading »

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GHOSTBUSTER: The original critter gitter! A subtle energy tool for assisting in the removal of “critters” a.k.a. dark forces,discarnate entities,negative entities,things that go bump in the nite.It contains two laminated card with the 72 Names of God from the ancient Kaballah on top and an advanced harmonyboard design with labyrinth inside.The circle on front is … Continue reading »

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JOHN KEELY: Keely Boxes

(Box dimensions: 3”x3”x1”)       ETHERIA FORCE BOX (Mystro) Creates a bridge between physical/spiritual realms. For working on the spiritual level of cellular/dna level,killer psychic forces, heavy metals,negative extraterrestrials,spiritual body, mental body,etheric body, innate intelligence,astral body density #2, angelics. $45 AQUARIUS BOX (Aquarius)Pertains to symbols and conditions of the vibratory stream. Represents order and … Continue reading »

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JOHN KEELY: Keely MasterCube

The Keely MasterCube is a 3” acrylic cube with a different Keely rendering on each face. Inside are 19 metallic/nonmetallic layers each with the 72 names of God(from the Kaballah) and our Harmony board design on them. So, what does this all mean. Well, it’s really sweet….. really, really sweet. First and foremost, the MasterCube … Continue reading »

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CARD 8 DOLPHIN SONAR Can be used for contacting physical/nonphysical pods and gaining information for personal growth. $25

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DOLPHIN CARD 7:Dolphin Families

CARD 7 DOLPHIN FAMILIES (POD/COCOON)  Use this archetype for making contact with the dolophin pods,either physical or nonphysical. $25

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DOLPHIN CARD 6: Space Intelligence

CARD 6 SPACE INTELLGENCE This archetype permits you to tap into the non-physical aspect of the dolphins. Whether you call it spiritual or outerspace, the response is the same.$25

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DOLPHIN CARD 5: Intelligence

CARD 5 DOLPHIN INTELLIGENCE This one taps you into the dolphin intelligence. You gain insight how they think and perceive $25

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