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JOHN KEELY: Keely MasterCube

Posted by on February 27, 2014

k3 master cubeThe Keely MasterCube is a 3” acrylic cube with a different Keely rendering on each face. Inside are 19 metallic/nonmetallic layers each with the 72 names of God(from the Kaballah) and our Harmony board design on them. So, what does this all mean. Well, it’s really sweet….. really, really sweet.

First and foremost, the MasterCube is an orgone accumulator with the added zip of the 72 names of God and the Harmony board grid to really set things going into high gear. The Harmony Board design was selected to provide additional support to the cleaning of the energy that is collected and transmitted within the cube. The Kaballah letters (all 72 3-letter combinations of them) provide further intentional programming of the energy- all for the highest good of the user. All in all, the Keely Master Cube : Creates a bridge between physical/spiritual realms.Work at dna level, removing killer psychic forces & negative extraterrestrials. Rebuilds spiritual body, mental body,etheric body, innate intelligence,astral body density #2. Assists in communications to angelics. It aids one to regain order and simplicity in their life. It facilitates a new way of viewing nature’s true essence. The mastercube helps on working in the spiritual level of: directed negativity (all magic) parasites,negative extraterrestrials. Deals with web of life & light. It helps you collect and process any and all information which will help bring about sweeping changes in your life. It helps also to repel those things which go “bump” in the night. All those subtle and indistinguishable fears that are part of being human.Brings to your awareness that there are no such things as coincidences. .

Works on:

  • Miasms, particularly those which are responsible for making you believe you are a victim.
  • Conflict due to unknown past life experiences.
  • Messaging responsible for programming you through the energy flow of the blood.
  • Mind control.
  • Spiritual level of meridians,emotions, magic,,
  • Directed negativity of all kinds, ,
  • Geopathic stress,
  • Computer stress,
  • Negative energies,
  • ELF
  • Spiritual, mental, emotional ,physical, etheric, conscious mind,
  • subconscious mind, innate intelligence, astral body density 1& 2.

The Master Cube achieves this through enabling the body to process all the unprocessed data left randomly stored throughout the body.$125

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