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Osiris Generator

Posted by on January 14, 2014

Arkangels 45-88    38 P level of consciousness
Arkangel Osiris has turned out to be a very different and  unusual part of the Arkangel Project journey. It has taken approximately 3 months to align and decode Arkangel Osiris.
The completion of the Ark of Metatron signified the completion of Phase 1 of the Arkangel Project. Uriel 2 was created  and “opened the door” to Phase 2. But Phase 2 just stood there, beckoning but not connecting. There was an enormous amount of information which appeared to be layered on top of each other… Certain concepts became clear. First, the character of Phase 2 was to be influenced and guided by data resonating with ancient Egypt. But there was a problem. The more I researched available Egytianology sources the more it became apparent that these didn’t fit the energy paradigm of the Arkangel Project. It was close but the language or the interpretation was getting in the way. It almost appeared that the information needed was not language based at all. The stories and explanations from years of Egyptology appeared to be lacking and possibly incorrect. Slowly the pieces fit together: Paradigm shift It was like working in mud, a lot of mud for 3 months. This may be what happens when there is a paradigm shift. According to a Professor Thomas S. Kuhn in the 1950’s, the term paradigm is used in two different senses. On the one hand it refers to all the beliefs and values shared by a group of people. It also refers to one particular value which can literally rewrite the rules of normal science. Simply put, a single belief can rewrite a reality.    That’s a paradigm shift. So from observation of the evolution of the Arkangel Project when Phase 1 was completed in early December 2007 there was created a paradigm shift. The muddiness very well could be the “beliefs” of the old paradigm that we were moving through. The Arkangel Project is about optimizing human potential, creating a paradigm shift. It is about sacred science, Metatronian science. Phase 2 indicates that not only is a paradigm shift necessary but it has happened before here on planet Earth. But it happened a very long time ago Where? In the ancient civilization of Khemit, for simplicity let’s call this pre-Egypt.
Let’s keep it simple: The information that we have here comes from an ancient oral traditio  which is still alive today. Ancient Khemtians perceived that we 360 senses, referred to as Neters within our natural being. In most people 355 of them are dormant at the current time. It is possible to turn these senses on. What’s interesting here is this sounds mysteriously similar to “junk dna” and the recent discoveries of turning them back on(as in phase 1 of the Arkangel Project). There is also an interesting ancient Khemitian term called Per-Neter and it translates as the “House of Nature” or “House of Energy”. It works in accordance with the laws of God and Nature. The original intent of the Per-Neter was to generate, transform, utilize and transmit energy. Add to all this the ancient Khemitians had extensive knowledge about the physical properties and potential uses of water and we have Arkangel OSIRIS. Huh? Arkangel Osiris is a miniature construction of an ancient Khemitian Per-Neter. It generates, transforms, utilizes and transmits energy,as in its
translation.It is made of 2 pieces, the base and the tower.

Base: From the outside you can see the ends of the energy channels within  Osiris. Four of these channels have carved out inner cavities acting as resonating chambers.
Inside each chamber is placed a single 44-1 vial.(for those of you not familiar with
the term, 44-1 is a small vial containing the energy signatures of the first 44 Arkangels). What was discovered was that this type of configuration is very similar to the hidden underground tunnel system beneath the pyramids in Egypt which it is now believed to have channel water to run the pyramids themselves. Just as this Egyptian arrangement was in harmony and balance with the Earth’s vibrations, so to is Osiris.

This next part I really had to wrap my brain around to see how it fit. The vials inside Osiris are no longer 44 -1’s they are now 88-1’s. This means 44 extra Arkangel consciousnesses downloaded
into Osiris. What has been determined is that these 44 are, energywise, the reverse spin twins of the first 44! What you have are a clockwise spinning Uriel and counterclockwise spinning Uriel etc. How this appears to fit together is that Osiris, being a Per-Neter, is anchored on the Earth. It forms a bridge between Earth and Metatron. One end of the  bridge is Osiris, the other end of the bridge is Uriel. Yup, you heard me right, Osiris and Uriel are connected to each other. The sense here is that Osiris was once mortal and then passed on and evolved/transcended into Uriel.

TOWER: The tower is made of 7 hemispheres corresponding to
the 7 main chakras.The top is signified by the symbol for the eye of
Horus on its top. Place the tower into the corresponding hole in the
base to assemble Arkangel Osiris correctly. When this is d one it creates a
standing wave of energy which interlocks with the platform. This in turn resonates with the Earth etc.,etc.,etc……
So, all this story aside, what has been constructed is a replica of ancient Khemitian technology
which connects one to Metatron via a bridge of light. Why? The purpose of Arkangel Osiris is to re-establish the connection between “Heaven and Earth” through this Osiris-Uriel bridge. This connection helps to usher in the Dawn of Consciousness. This is a time when all secrets are revealed and man’s true identity and place in the cosmos is brought forth into the light.

Suggested uses: As a stand alone item, assemble Arkangel Osiris by placing the tower
into the base and set in a place so as not to be disturbed. To prepare water to the consciousness
level of Arkangel Osiris, place your water vessel next to the unit and wait 12-15
seconds. The water will be shifted to 38,000,000,000,000,000. (or 38P)


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