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Posted by on January 14, 2014

The ORACLE is a hybrid of our Stargate  2000 and Arkangel Osiris. This fusion of two technologies creates a synergistic effect. The sum total of the parts of Oracle are greater than its individual components. The ORACLE is an eight sided carved stone top attached to a high vibrational wooden base containing many intricate inner chambers for energy flow.. The stone is caled blue stone, the same family of stone which is found in the megalithic structure of Stonehenge, England.  This particular stone imparts many unique energy qualities to the operation of the  SG2000. One of these striking qualities is the energy flowing into and around the  SG2000. It is a completely balance fire energy. A circular female fire energy, very simIlar to Reiki, forms a doughnut shaped ring around the SG2000. In the center of the board is a pulsing pyramid of male fire energy, forming an energy spike or flame both above and below the board. This flame extends a maximum of 35 feet above and below the board and  also horizontally spikes out of each of the 8 corners of the octagon to a distance of 20feet. The vertical flame is strongest at the board and weakest at 35 feet. The outer female fire energy ring swirls in a counterclockwise direction.The male fire energy flames swirls or rotates in a clockwise direction. Those individuals with the abiltiy to see subtle energy will notice that the inner flames appear to be pyramidal and conical in shape and seem to be stacked on top of each other. The octagon symbolizes the transition between heaven and earth, distinct stages of transformation which link things together.  This layout significantly enhances the Oracle as a healing tool by amplifying its effect to balance the delicate relationship between the planetary energy gid and the body’s meridians, achieving a superior cosmic balance of energy and enlightenment. Balancing and reintegrating the body’s meridian’s has never been easier. Geopathic challenges return to balance. Entire areas can be re-formatted or realigned to increase wholeness an well beingfor planet and people alike.


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