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Posted by on January 13, 2014

When it is set up in the standard GSC setup it looks like this. Problem is, it appeared to be misisng something. It was the Kiva. An ensuing FLOOD of Native American information came in regarding the construction of the Kiva. It turned out to be a 9” diameter, 8 sided chamber standing approximately 8” tall.


All sides of the Kiva are covered in beautiful Native American symbols/graphics to honor the spirit, vibration and contribution of these people. The outer surfaceis covered with different guardian Kachinas to protect the inner sacred space. But it didn’t stop there. Each Kiva contains a removable holder with a large 3”hole in the center and 4 3/4” holes in the corners. The central hole is large enough to place a 3” crystal sphere crystal, water container for  personal use. The 4 corner holes are large and long enough to  hold double vials of the “Fab 4”Arkangels.(2x Arkangel Uriel, Michael, Gabriel, Raphael)(these are included with each KIVA). This  creates a wonderful balanced energy during use. Although I’m not into Crystal Skulls, I may seek out the Skull that may need to reside in this Kiva… I’ll see  about that….

During the construction of the Kiva I received the significance of this  piece. It represents a HOME, or collection point for ALL INDIGENOUS people of the Earth. This includes all those who have vanished and became extinct as well as those who are still alive today and into the future. It is for all of them, for all time. It also serves as a means to anchor these energies to the Earth as we emerge into the new paradigm. The Kiva includes the top, box, inside holder and 8 arkangel vials (4 pairs). It does not include the crystal sphere.



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